Story 1

Leonid Klause  

General Manager 

Dento Studio GmbH 
Berlin  Germany


Before I bought an EVOLON system, which included the EVOX V8 automatic injection molding machine, I used a manual apparatus. Working on the manual apparatus was very cumbersome and inconvenient. Actually, that was all I knew about back then. In my laboratory, we produce all of the various types of dentures currently on the market, from the simplest to the most complex, such as dentures on implants and precision connectors (attachment design). The quantity of work that I was able to produce was very limited, and, since we are meticulous about quality, I simply couldn't meet the growing demand. At that point, I started to look for a solution that would increase output without harming product quality. As I carefully weigh every purchase, and surely a purchase of this order of magnitude, I looked into a number of companies and their equipment, and made a comparison table of their parameters. I found that EVOLON's equipment and system led in all of the key parameters.


I can wholeheartedly say that working with the EVOLON system has upgraded my laboratory to a significantly higher level of performance. Thanks to the EVOX V8, I can meet any request that comes up, without compromising schedule or prosthesis quality.



Story 2

Dmitry Rudnitzky 


Stomatology Today

Moskow  Russia


It's my pleasure to respond to EVOLON's request for this letter of recommendation.

I work with a number of dentists and, time and again, we would run into problems of aesthetics, for which we were not successful in finding a satisfactory solution. In addition, in certain cases following implants, we weren't able to come up with temporary solutions that were reasonable, both for our patients and ourselves.

As a laboratory that aspires to bring the optimum solution to its customers, we decided to confer with EVOLON. In light of the good relationship we have forged with EVOLON over the years, EVOLON invited us to a private seminar day, where we were shown examples of advanced technological solutions that allowed us to add a variety of new products.

Today, we produce flexile partial dentures, flippers, aesthetic clasps made of flexi N512 nylon; highly aesthetic dentures made of acry F711, a non-monomer acrylic; framework made of ace Q59, an elastic techno-polymer, and complex items made of two or three different materials.


In short, I can say that the decision to work with the EVOLON system has proven to be a strategic decision that increased our customer base to include the most exclusive dentists in the area, thereby allowing us to raise the list prices of our prostheses by an average of 45%!