Every purchase of the

      EVOX V8

comes with a free gift –
a basic kit of materials and accessories. The contents of the kit are sufficient for the fabrication of up to 30 partial dentures made of flexible material and 5 full dentures made of acrylic.

EVOCam is developed to provide dental professionals with innovative digital milling technology using better materials to provide customers with a superior product. evoCam discs are made of Polymethacrylate with Microfilled Composit and Organically Modified Fluorescent Ceramics.


  • Accurate milling results
  • High manufacturing efficiency
  • High mechanical and chemical abrasion resistance
  • Nontoxic Pigments
  • Lightweight, anti-allergenic, non-monomeric, metal free material
  • Absolutely Biocompatible
  • Easy to polish
  • Stress and breakage resistant due to excellent module elasticity
  • Long-term color stability and fidelity
  • High translucency and fluorescence
  • Plaque-resistant
  • Perfect aesthetic results

evoCam is suitable for a wide range of application, primarily for the production of crowns and bridges of different sizes
and shapes. evoCam is designed for the manufacture of medium and long-term aesthetic restorations.


evoCam is a high quality innovative material especially developed and optimized for designing and manufacturing
cemented and screwed crowns (single and multiple). This excellent nanotechnology product blends with the layered tooth
giving it a perfect natural look. The sum of its properties makes it a perfect product for long-term restoration products.
Characteristics of the evoCam material disc and the unique manufacturing process contribute to extremely fast,
aesthetically excellent rehabilitation, especially when using 8 color layers discs. The choice of disc thicknesses enables
making a larger range of restorations and optimizing the final product to prosthetic requirements.