Every purchase of the

      EVOX V8

comes with a free gift –
a basic kit of materials and accessories. The contents of the kit are sufficient for the fabrication of up to 30 partial dentures made of flexible material and 5 full dentures made of acrylic.

Very fine superior high-gloss universal polishing powder for final polishing of all types of prostheses.


Shine DO highly recommended for use with all materials, especially with thermoplastic flexible materials. Produces outstanding results.


Mix the Shine DO powder with a little water before use. Using with cotton buffing wheels.


Following polishing, it is recommended to clean dentures with steam or with EVOLON's D-Cleaner 306 solution in an ultrasonic device, and then scrub under running water using a soft toothbrush.


For correct use of the Shine DO, along with the entire array of EVOLON injection technology, we strongly recommend EVOLON's training course, available at EVOLON and at authorized dealers.