Every purchase of the

      EVOX V8

comes with a free gift –
a basic kit of materials and accessories. The contents of the kit are sufficient for the fabrication of up to 30 partial dentures made of flexible material and 5 full dentures made of acrylic.

Flexible resin are improved  the physical and aesthetical characteristics of flexible thermoplastic materials used for manufacturing of partial dentures via pressure injection.


flexi N512™ is optimally elastic and strong polymer, with high-quality color additives for natural translucent shades. Blends naturally with the gums and assures perfect aesthetic results and a magnificent feeling.





• Integrates high durability, plasticity, elasticity, strength and lightweight

• Retaining shade and original general qualities

• Compacted chemical composition allows unique polish, lower moisture

   absorbtion, easy cleaning and neutralization of odors

• Optimal resilience
• The physical properties are unaffected by denture thickness (thin is not fragile)
• Improved stability of dentures in the oral cavity








 For restorative work following a small or medium amount of tooth loss
 As a temporary denture after implants are placed
 Following loss of permanent teeth in children, and for those whose teeth have

   not yet matured
 For fabrication of imperceptible aesthetic clasps that may connected to a frame

   made of either metal or ace Q59™
 For patients with certain sensitivities or those with an exaggerated gag reflex, who

   require dentures with a very thin base
 In cases of recurring fractures of acrylic dentures
 When the absence of teeth for an extended period of time causes deformation of

   bones in the jaw and changes in jaw structure
 For patients suffering from cleft palate
 For patients with chronic conditions (Parkinson's, mental illness, etc.)
 Artificial gingival architecture for concealment of gum recession
 Fabrication of dentures for people whose occupation increases their vulnerability: 

   firefighters, athletes, police, soldiers, etc.
Allergy to monomers
 Allergy to acrylic resin




 Cost effective and time saving- easy in processing and polishing
Precision of production reduces the need for alterations and adjustments in fitting,

   thereby saving valuable time for professionals and patients alike

 Ability to produce dental prostheses made from a combination of flexi N512 and

   conventional acrylics, metals, and other thermoplastic materials



 Monomer-free, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic
 Production of dentures without the need for any preliminary preparation of the

  patient's natural teeth and gums
 Less dental appointments
 Ability to easily and quickly adapt to dentures, without pain or discomfort
 Allows perfectly natural articulation of the mouth
 Allows a high standard of precision and finishing, for perfect esthetic results and

  a magnificent feeling.


                                                                                                                                Flexi Nylon